毫無預期地聽了這首歌然後爆哭(again)- 我的眼淚真的很多這是另外一種感受的爆擊歌詞說的應該是蔡維澤,但也可能是小風車曾育茗但卻意外的貼切和真實
HAHA feeling some fluctuations within but ok still in quite a good mood 
長(chang)是固定的, 但長(zhang)不是 長(zhang)意味著持續不斷的進步和前進 而進步和为此所付出的努力 永遠永遠比成功/成绩更可貴

順便紀念一下 阿嬤呀,我愛你😘

Realised I rlly cant rmb anything if I don’t note them down so here goes 
Went for bouncing class w lowwy and Cheryl and did fitness training that I hvn done since forever - ok no prob months haha and my shoulder back is aching badlyyyy Felt so wobbly after all the bouncing wheeeee hahaha and my neck/head somewhat zek-ed tio so it’s abit painful now hahahaha  But fun fun fun! 
Kinda pushing myself to do new things these days and getting out of my comfy zone despite the possible awkwardness (DONT LET AWKWARDNESS OR WHAT OTHERS THINK DEFINE YOU)  hahahaha no idea how this suddenly spark came about but I hope it’ll last for a while pretty pls  Recently agreed to attending a film screening session w all unfamiliar ppl just to push myself a bit  And agreed to a radio session despite my inability to speak well and plenty of jitters  But since I’m twenty fiveeeeeeeee Do different things and gain new experiences!! 
Not to mention that I just signed up for two (make it three) courses that will span over…
花甲男孩轉大人 出運了 🎉🎉🎉
Heheheh couldn’t stop smiling when I saw the list of nominations they had  好的作品值得被更多人看到  用心的製作需要被鼓勵和肯定
沒有不好的劇種 只有能不能把它寫好的編劇  家庭劇沒有不好 關鍵在於你能不能把它做好
精進自己 讓自己更有能力 再加上滿滿的誠意  觀眾總會看到 

A rare photo of the full sodagreen band just made my day despite the horrible body condition that made me dread coming to work 
蘇打綠 💓
我就活該要做你的太陽給你溫暖 卻離你最遠 — 《三明治女孩的逆襲》
沒看這部劇 不過這句台詞超級印象深刻
闪电耀眼夺目 却叫人唯恐不及 触目惊心